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Tail Trekkers offers dog walking and pet sitting in Somerville, MA, parts of East Arlington, MA and the Inman Square area of Cambridge, MA.

Check to the right for our available dog walking spots. See our Dog Walking Services page for descriptions and pricing.

Our Pet Care Mission - Not Your Typical Dog Walker

We believe that dogs are as social and variety-driven as we are, and that as a society we need to go beyond "a tired dog is a happy dog". We think a FULFILLED dog is a happy dog.

At Tail Trekkers, we set ourselves apart by promising to interact with every dog we have in our care, constantly. We take small, balanced groups of dogs not just to dog parks, but also the woods, or the beach, or to walk by the Charles or Mystic Rivers. Your dog will go to different places throughout the week, giving them a more fulfulling experience.

We also believe that most dogs, large or small, need more than a few minutes of activity each day, which is why we offer anywhere from 30 minutes (a typical walk) to 3 hours (what we call a "Day Trip").

Why a Doggy Day Trip and not Day Care?

Think of a Day Trip like a "Field Trip for Dogs". It's the ultimate dog walk. With 2-3 hours of activity in a variety of places throughout the week, your dog will use up the majority of their energy for the day. After walking, running and playing for hours, when these dogs go home, they will be ready for some quiet time!

While there are great doggy day cares in Somerville and Cambridge who can take your dog all day, the majority of that day your dog is in the same room, with the same dogs, the same experience every day. Your dog may seem excited at first, because that first half hour or so is great fun! But the fun ends after that. Plus at doggy day care, dogs can pick up bad behaviors from other dogs, like eliminating indoors, or get illnesses from being in close quarters with other dogs all day.

With our Dog Day Trips, your dogs will visit different locations, experience new dogs, new places, new sounds. Its like a mini dog vacation. We have no bored dogs here (and frankly no bored dog walkers either).

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Other Services - Cat & Dog Sitting + More

We offer pet sitting for both dogs and cats at your place. Cat sitting occurs either first thing in the morning, or in the evening. Dog sitting includes overnight care + one mid-day walk.

Cat Sitting, unless noted above, is available in following towns in Massachusetts: Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington.

Dog Sitting, Walks and Day Trips are available for Somerville & Cambridge residents only.

We are not booking any more solo dog walks during weekdays. All walks are open to have up to 5 dogs at once.

Dog Day Trip & Pet Sitting Availability

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